Our Story

Empowering Therapists, Transforming Lives: Culturally Aware EMDR Training at Mosaic Training Institute

Mosaic Training Institute (MTI) is dedicated to upholding the integrity and rigor of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, as established by its founder, Francine Shapiro. We achieve this by fostering the continued advancement of this groundbreaking psychotherapy through an expanded training scope. This expansion enriches the clinical knowledge of participating clinicians with a particular focus on equity, inclusion, and cultural competency. Ultimately, this focus aims to elevate the quality of mental health treatment for all individuals.

MTI further demonstrates its commitment to this goal by actively recruiting and training clinicians from Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities. Recognizing the profound need for culturally sensitive and aware mental health services within BIPOC communities, MTI prioritizes addressing this gap.

Fostering a Transformative Learning Environment

My journey to become an EMDRIA-approved trainer was fueled by a firsthand observation of the limitations present in traditional psychology training with its Eurocentric perspective. This perspective can often lead to a lack of awareness and unconscious biases, which can create a sense of isolation and marginalization for BIPOC mental health professionals during crucial professional development opportunities.

At MTI, our mission extends beyond simply welcoming diverse clinicians. We are committed to creating a transformative learning environment that fosters a deep understanding of the unique experiences and perspectives of BIPOC therapists. This ensures that all participating clinicians, including those specifically serving BIPOC communities, are not only equipped with essential EMDR skills but also empowered to effectively serve all clients with cultural awareness.